When we wrote our original Page.ly review back in May of 2010 the company was about a year into its relaunch in 2009, although they have been around since 2006. Since then of course a number of services operating a similar model have sprung up but Page.ly have certainly not rested on their laurels and in 2012 remain a leading player in the filed of managed WordPress hosting services.

When our initial review was published it really concentrated on the attraction of the service for users who were new to WordPress and were concerned about the technical aspects of hosting a site on their own domain, something which Page.ly made far less onerous for the new user with their famous 2 minute setup.

It was apparent even then however that the service held a much wider appeal and was far from being something that appealed solely to a “newbie” WordPress users’ niche. The comments we received back then, all of which were positive about the service, indicated that more and more experienced users were switching to Page.ly for benefits which when far beyond the quick and simple set up of new sites.

Page.ly have gone from strength to strength in the intervening two years and the service has evolved into something which almost any WordPress user can appreciate, whether they are hosting a single low traffic site or a multitude of WordPress driven real estate.

As they only deal with WordPress powered sites, Page.ly staff are very well versed in the platform and as a result their support invariably garners praise – they know what they are doing. As anyone will tell you, this is invaluable and something that many general hosting companies fall down on when it comes to WordPress related issues. Some are worse than others but it is unreasonable to expect them to offer detailed support for any single third party software when their role is really just to look after servers. When all you host are WordPress powered websites and blogs, specialist knowledge is essential and support can concentrate on software issues fare more efficiently.

The features of the service that have made Page.ly so successful are many and varied but certainly, many users really appreciate the automatic WordPress core updates, plugin updates, speed optimization and a suite of custom tools to make the users’ WordPress experience better.

pagely3 Page.ly WordPress Hosting Revisited

Customers always want their sites to perform well so Page.ly’s speed optimization is something which many webmasters say they just could not do without. Add to that the levels of security provided for your WordPress installation it is little wonder that users love the time that this saves them to concentrate on other things. Knowing that much of the admin burden is automatically taken care of for you is a huge benefit, particularly if you are maintaining a number of different sites. Optomization, security, secure backups, knowledgeable and reliable support – anyone who has ever hosted WordPress will tell you how important (and often frustrating) these things can be.

Page.ly have continued to refine and perfect their product since their early days and their constant improvements and additions, together with solid service and support have all contributed to their success. When it comes to recommending a hosting and management service it’s often an area fraught with uncertainties but Page.ly have proved time and time again that they are a capable, efficient and very popular choice.

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Such managed services are invariably a little more costly, and sure, you could pay four dollars a month for hosting if you wish – that’s not in dispute. As we always point out, in the world of hosting, quality and value for money should always be put before cheapness. Page.ly have continued to expand and improve upon their service and yet remain extremely competitive on price when compared to some of the newer kids on the block. I have seen many criticisms of the cost of some alternative managed services, but Page.ly customers seem generally and genuinely happy with what they get for their money and that, in such a competitive field, has to count for a lot.

I also have to add that since our first dealings with the company, co-founder Joshua Striebel has been someone who goes above and beyond in his role and has always answered any questions and addressed all issues promptly and politely. Customer service takes priority at Page.ly and the general happiness of their customers and partners speaks volumes abut their commitment to offering a service that continues to grow and stay ahead of increasingly fierce competition. Looking back to our review two years ago, we see no reason to not continue supporting and recommending their services.

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